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PC,s of various brands. We fix all types of problems.
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Unlock your device

Is your mobile phone or tablet locked to a specific network? We unlock all types of devices meaning you can use any mobile network. Did you know, unlocking your device gives it a higher resell value!

Repair your device

We have over half a century of combined experience dealing with mobiles. Our team of experts will assess your device and offer quality advice, putting your mind at ease.

Trade your device in

We’ll give you cash for your old mobile or tablet. Simply fill in our online form and we’ll give you a call with our best offer. We offer the best rates in Salisbury for trading in devices.

Why choose Us?

Tech Doctor Hemal Hempstead With over half a century of experience between our staff, we are the experts  in Repair caring for mobile devices. We are a complete solution for mobile Repair services, Tablet Repair  Service, Gaming Console Repair , Laptop , Pc Repair  offering to repair and protect your device with screen protectors and cases. Our competitive prices mean we regularly see repeat purchases from our customers for many of our services. Our reviews on Google and Yellow Pages speak for themselves. If you have a query, Contact us, we would love to help.

Mobiles, Tablets Gaming Console & Computer Repair Expert in Hemal Hempstead

Computers & Macs can become sluggish to use after a long period of use, we can safely speed up your computer to restore it to its factory speed. From system defragging to component cleaning give your computer a new lease of life.

Smashing a tablet or mobile screen is easily done if the device has no protection on. Tech Doctor Hemal Hempstead is here to help You. We can source and install original parts. We are concern with technology and new perspective of care.

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We Fix Everything

We fix Tech Doctor Hemal Hempstead smartphones, tablets, laptops & computer of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities. Our experts will help you troubleshoot your device, fix common malfunctions, and get you up and running with the latest features. No matter the make or model, we’ll do our best to get your device back to working at its best. We also offer limitless for all types of smartphones and tablets.

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